Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well it is Saturday so it must be "Smoking Time". So we (translates to I, as I am the Smoke Master) decided today would be a good day to smoke some chickens. So off to the butcher Chris and I go. There is something about hearing the band saw fire up and work when you ask for 3 whole chickens cut in half.
So as we are heading home with the chicken halves in the back seat Chris in his infinite wisdom comes up with the idea that we should get some chicks and raise them in the back yard. Now never mind the dog who used to regularly kill a raccoon or two and drag them back to the old farm house we used to live in. my answer was that would be a wonderful idea but there is 1 small problem, "the 4 of you would name them and then they would become PETS."  So Chris not missing a beat says your right dad, I'm gonna name mine LUNCH. Gotta Love It.

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